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Nicholas Breeze Wood

Nicholas has practiced shamanism for almost 40 years, combining it with the 'earthier' end of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as with 'medicine' teachings from Native North American peoples.

He has worked with many gifted medicine people and shamans over the years, and is deeply apprenticed to his own spirit helpers, whose teachings never fail to awe and surprise him.

His shamanism is a fusion of traditional Mongolian and Himalayan forms, combined with teachings from his own spirits. He works especially deeply with ritual objects - such as bronze shaman's mirrors, phurba daggers and many other Mongolian and Tibetan shamanic and Buddhist ritual objects - for which he holds traditional teachings and, where required, traditional initiations.

He asks upon the help of many Mongolia and Himalayan spirit beings in his practice, and many of his practices are based around these ancient beings.

Nick is the editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine - a leading international magazine about shamanism - which has been published since 1993. He is also a musician and artist.

He is the author of, 'Sacred Drums of Siberia', 'Voices From The Earth', 'The Book of the Shaman,' 'A Little Book of Revealing,' 'The Shaman Box' and 'The Resplendent Other'.

He received a lifetime honorary membership of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies from Michael Harner, and was nominated by members of the British public as one of Source TV's 144 leading 'Evolutionaries' in Britain today.

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