Shamanic Teaching Weekends

Nicholas has been practicing shamansim for over 30 years, and has worked with a variety of Native American medicine people, been taught aspects of Southern Siberian shamanism as well as some of the more shamanic areas of Tibetan Buddhism. He combines these three traditions together in the way that he works and teaches, and is deeply apprenticed to his spirits.

He teaches specific themed weekends and also holds regular sacred pipe ceremonies - a Native American tradition - around the middle of each month in his house in North Pembrokeshire. Contact him for pipe ceremony dates.

SEPT 30 - OCT 01 2017 • Working with the Shaman’s Mirror

Bronze mirrors are an important part of Mongolian and Southern Siberian shamanism and have many roles and uses.

Those attending need to have a very good level of shamanic experience, be able to journey fluidly and have spirit helpers they trust to a high degree.
They will also need a bronze mirror. I have some low cost new ones from Mongolia, as well as more expensive antique ones. Mirrors can be bought ahead of time from my website, or on the weekend.

NOV 25-26 2017 • Ongons and Medicine Bundles

Ongons are spirit houses, designed for a spirit to live in, and medicine bundles are a collection of ingredients gathered for a specific intent. The weekend is about making and working with both, and will be a mix of craftwork and shamanism. Some craft skills would be an advantage.

Traditional shamanic and medicine craft materials will be available on the weekend at cost (or by trade, as I do not sell some animal or bird parts due to ‘medicine ethics’)

These weekends are for people who have some solid shamanic air-miles under their belt, and who want to take shamanism further and deepen their practice. Because of this, the weekends are not designed for beginners or those with limited expereince.

People attending need a good connection with their spirits, and a good ability with shamanic drum journeys.

They are held in my house, in a village in West Wales - where I practice shamanism and produce Sacred Hoop Magazine.

They will draw on my own shamanic practice - a mix of what I have learned from Native North American medicine traditions, Mongolian and Southern Siberian shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism, and what my spirits have taught me.

I am trying to offer these weekends in ways with roots in the old shamanic apprenticeship tradition - offering teachings to small groups in a domestic setting, rather than bigger groups in a workshop setting. For me, shamanism is what I do, and my house is where I do it.

Local B&B accommodation (I will provide a B&B list).

Basic lunch on both days, and an evening meal on the Saturday provided (vegetarian - but special diets not catered for).

Limited number of places for any weekend, generally between four to six people.

Teachings are done on a donations basis.

There is a small up-front charge of £20 a head per weekend to cover the food and basic running costs, with donations for the actual teaching. The teachings are priceless - but the teacher has to eat. (donations are best given in a sealed envelope, which won't be opened until everyone has left)

On weekends that include the need for mirrors or craft materials these things can be obtained from me during the weekend.

The red dot shows the approx location of the weekends. Please be aware there is no public transport. The nearest train station is about an hour’s drive away, and Bristol (the nearest city in England) is about 3 to 4 hours drive away.

To apply for a place please email -

Applying for a place does not automatically mean Nick will feel a place is right for you at this time.