Nick produces both traditional style beaded gourd (peyote) rattles, and deer rawhide rattles.

Rattles have a special place in the medicine teachings of the Native Americans, and have become a popular tool used by shamanic practitioners in the West, although they are not generally used in traditional Siberian shamanism.

Those cultures and peoples who use rattles, use them for song, prayer, healing and many other shamanic practice.


Gourd Rattles are used in Native American Church peyote meetings and prayer and healing circles. The 'bell' gourds used in these rattles are from America, and are the traditional gourd used in these type of rattles. Lavish amounts of beadwork in strikingly beautiful peyote stitch is worked on the rattles both above and below the gourd.

At the top of the rattle is a horsehair tuft, which is removable, making the bell gourd removable so you can change the filling of the rattle. At the base of the beaded handle hang a number of plied buckskin tassels. These rattles are very special creations which require great craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Rattles start at a basic level (shown above), which are finished with a wooden stick wrapped with soft buckskin, and with glass beads hanging from the ends of the buckskin tassels. The heads of these rattles can be supplied painted with a single overall colour or with a simple design for a small additional cost.

These rattles are made from deer rawhide. They have a more 'earthy' design than the gourds peyote rattles.


Nick also makes rattles with more decoration. They may have a beaded handle, or other beadwork, and perhaps tassels hung with exquisite antique trade beads. The heads of these rattle are sometimes painted with a medicine design.

No two rattles are ever the same, each one is made to mirror the medicine of its owner. They can also have special bags made for them, such as the rattle on the right below.