Beautiful bags are a wonderful traditional way to keep your sacred objects safe. Made from buckskin and decorated in beadwork, the bags Nicholas makes are based on Native American and Siberian originals. 


A buckskin bag designed to hold a rawhide rattle or other medicine item. They are based on Native American Paint bags and have an area of beadwork at the bottom of of the bag and beadwork strip up one side (covering the seam in the buckskin). These bags have a simple buckskin drawstring to close them.

Bag width approx 12 cm. Height approx 22 cm (not including tassels).

Available as a bag with minimal beading (left) or regular (centre and right) beaded one side or both sides.


A larger, squarer, buckskin bag with a flap to close it. They are ideal for keeping small bags of herbs or other items in. They are available with minimal beadwork or fully beaded on the front only or beaded on the front and the back.

Bag width approx 14 cm. Height approx 20cm (not including tassels).


A large buckskin bag suitable for holding several medicine items with a flap to close them.

Nick makes them beaded in strips (left) or fully beaded (right). The pair of fully bags above were not made by him however, they are pictured as an example only.

Bag width approx 28 cm. Height approx 20 cm


Very beautiful, beaded buckskin bags designed to hold the sacred pipe safe within their depths. With long tassels that hang below and a beaded panel at the bottom of the bag and strip of beadwork up one side (covering the seam in the buckskin). Available with minimal beadwork (front only) or fully beaded (front only or front and back).

Bag width approx 17 cm. Height approx 45 cm (not including tassels) or by negotiation to fit your pipe.