Nicholas is the author of a number of articles on different aspects of shamanism which have been published in Sacred Hoop Magazine over the years.

Some of these can be found below for free download (.pdf files).

The Poetry of Things - Interview with Nicholas Breeze Wood
Beelzebub's Flies - an exploration of Sami Shaman Drums
Coats of Many Spirits - Siberian Shaman's ritual coats
The use of Mirrors in Siberian Shamanism
Shaman of the Copper Coloured Mountain - The life of Padmasambhava
Tales of the Djinn - Spirit beings of Islam
Shamans of Islam - Moroccan Gnawa Ttraditions

First Thread your Needle - A Guide to Peyote Stitch

Making a Native American Style peyote Rattle

Native American Trade Blankets

Native American Pipe Bags

The Native American Pipe Ceremony

The Six Powers - The Sacred Directions

On the Trail of the Deer - the Deer in Shamanism and Magic
Unkindness of Ravens - Crows and Ravens in Shamanism and Magic
Place of Beauty - Dine (Navajo) Sandpainting Ceremony
Central Asian Carpets - Shamanic themes and history
Siberian Shaman's Drums
Nagas - Serpant Spirits of Central Asia and Tibet
Iron - an ancient protective element
Tibetan Prayer Beads - their use in magic and divination